All websites were built with modern, scalable, and open source web technologies.

Northside Christian School

A ministry of Northside Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

August 2023

WordPress, Divi

Bedi Legal, P.C.

A family-friendly law office in Chesapeake, VA.

January 2023


SoilEconomy LLC

A startup funded by the SCRA and Elon Musk's XPrize for carbon sequestration research.

May 2022


Northside Baptist Church

An independent baptist church in Charleston, South Carolina.

January 2022

Vue, Nuxt, Netlify + Netlify Functions

Cruise Control Driving School

A locally-owned driving school in Charleston, SC.

August 2020



A file requesting app designed for teachers and educators.

April 2020

Vue, Nuxt, Netlify, MongoDB Atlas + Realm, AWS

BlueTree Landscaping

A local landscaping company in Charleston, SC.

March 2020

Vue, Gridsome, Netlify, Storyblok


Custom HVAC corrosive-resistant coating for commercial distributors within the southeast region of the United States. A partner of Blygold International BV.

August 2020

Vue, Gridsome, Netlify